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Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017)

The Galaxy J series is Samsung's entry-level smartphone series. If you were, however, thinking that means you are able to do can do less with it, you would be wrong. As this is a Samsung product it is still powerful and capable for any modern user. It is just designed with simplicity in mind and slightly fewer premium materials.

Samsung has recently been very successful with its Galaxy J range. By providing a phone which is simple-to-use, without having all the extras you see with more expensive products. It does this but still gives the customer access to the latest technology.


With the 2017 edition, we are now onto the third generation of this product showing the demand, and Samsung’s continual development. 
There are many great features with this phone including the look of it. It benefits from the merging of glass and metal to give an elegant look, which is also strong. There are no unsightly protruding camera lenses on this phone. Instead, it is contained in the body of the phone. This gives you a phone that has a smooth design for comfortable usage.


Samsung's high definition Super AMOLED screen technology continues to deliver deeper blacks and a higher dynamic colour range. The 5.2-inch display benefits from the inclusion of this technology and also have better battery life, due to the reduced power consumption in comparison to other LCD screens on rival smartphones.


One of the significant changes to the specification with this edition is in the cameras. There is not only a powerful 13-megapixel camera on the back of the phone, but there is also one on the front of it. This makes for incredibly highly detailed selfies

This makes for incredibly highly detailed selfies and video calls. Samsung has also introduced "Selfie Light", a special mode to increase fidelity in low-light conditions. You can even operate the selfie shutter with a simple gesture.

On the back, the camera has seen a slight improvement to a f/1.7 aperture. In comparison, the one on the front has a f/1.9 aperture showing the progressing of Samsung’s photography improvements.

A useful extra is that it is now possible to move the position of the camera button on the display. This makes it easier to take photos using one hand.
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